SAMSA Graduate Workshop Paves The Path Forward.

SAMSA Victoria falls, RGSMA

As part of the training of the Simons Foundation project, The Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association in conjunction with MASAMU (An Auburn University, USA graduate training project) organized a workshop for graduate students from Africa and the United States from November 24th to November 28th 2014 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The Simons Foundation Project based at the university of Botswana has sponsored two professors and seven graduate students. The project has paid all expenses for the students and professors (registration fee covers workshop material, lunches and local transport, per diem to cover accommodation, diner and travel expenses). This is based upon the project proposal.

List of Participants (senior staff) for the conference:

No. Name Topic presented Institute
1 Prof. E.W. Lungu/M Solutions of Partial Differential Equations Via the Finite Volume Method with Applications to Computational Fluid Dynamics Universityof Botswana
2 Dr.Habtu Zegeye/M Convergence Theorems for a Common Point of Solutions of Fixed Point, Variational Inequality and Equilibrium Problems University of Botswana

List of Participants (PhD students) for the conference:



Topic Presented



Obonye Doctor /M/

Optimal Portfolio in the Presence Stochastic Income

University of Botswana


Abebe Regassa Tufa /M/

An Algorithm for Finding a common Point of the Solutions of Fixed Point and Variational inequality Problems in Banach Spaces

University of Botswana


Roselyn Kaondera Shava/F/

Modeling the Dynamics of Mother- to-Child Transmission of HIV with Treatment

University of Botswana


Moalosi Kebareng I./F/

The Impact of Dual Market Listing on the Evolution of Executive Remuneration

University of Botswana


Ange Maloko- Mavambou/F/

CR-Submersions of Locally Conformal Cosymplectic Manifolds

University of Kwazulu-Natal (south Africa)


Sebsibe Teferi W./M/

Strong Convergence Theorems for a Common Fixed Point of a Finite Family of Multivalued Mappings

Addis Ababa University


O. Maphane/M/

Hochschild Cohomology of Homogeneous Spaces

University of Namibia


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